Black Jack Categories: cards

Black Jack

You're an expert gambler and you like to spend the evening at the casino. You must win the croupier. Remember, every game you play, your money increases. Will you become rich once and for all? Good luck!

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Family Guy Cards Categories: cards, memory

Family Guy Cards

If you like Family Guy you'll enjoy this card game about this weird but funny family. You must find the pairs of every card. Show that nobody knows the sitcom better than you!

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Fun Poker Categories: cards, Solitaire, poker

Fun Poker

This poker card game is a solitaire. The rules are simple: choose the amount for your bet and change those cards you don't want. Play your cards right and try to break the bank.

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Black Jack Game Categories: cards

Black Jack Game

You're an expert gambler and you're taking part in a Black Jack competition. Your goal is to earn enough money to retire from work. It won't be easy because you play against the bank. Bet wisely and good luck!

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Solitaire Categories: cards, Solitaire


This is the classic solitaire game. You goal is to order all the cards in four piles, according to the differente suits and in an ascending order.

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Dino Cards Categories: cards, memory

Dino Cards

Your room is a mess. You left the window open and the wind scattered your dino cards all over the floor. You must arrange them in pairs before your friends come to play with you. Hurry up!

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